SPRING, 2003

1) What is your reason for making dark music?

No reason whatsoever – if reason was involved, I’d be a lawyer. Whether it’s hybrid metal, goth, industrial, progressive metal, darkwave, classical, progressive trance or house - music with a darker nature is going to inspire me slightly more, most likely because it communicates a passionate longing to resolve conflict on several levels.

2) Is the physical appearance of the human body important to you? (I ask because in your pictures you have a healthy appearance!)

I’ve spent more than half of my life developing (some might say modifying) my outer shell. For many years, I thought it was because I aspired to achieve a certain ideal, working towards some sort of physical perfection. I now realize that it is only because of my deep self-hatred that I strive towards changing what I am. In fact, given the choice, I’d probably choose to exist as a 3-dimensional symmetrical shape, such as a diamond or square, rather than be forced to inhabit the human form - head, torso, limbs and all. I believe that the success of many bodybuilders often relies on how much they either hate themselves, or are willing to cause themselves pain. The healthy appearance on cd packaging, however, can be attributed to graphic post-production...

3) How did you find Vora? Which is the reason for which you chose her among many other musicians?

I found Vora on the outermost ring of Saturn. I have yet to find anyone else whose fondness for hazelnut wafers parallels my own.

4) I suppose that you have many offers from record labels that want to sign you. Why do you produce your own discs? Do you think that your artistic freedom would be affected?

Every month brings several offers from small labels that are interested but can deliver very little more than what we can do ourselves. Until a label is willing to provide significant backing via advertising, video promotion, tour support, & decent worldwide distribution, we’ll continue to do it ourselves out of necessity. Most labels - major and independent – are very leery of investing in a project that crosses boundaries, since the unknown translates into business risk. I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t want hordes of lost children to drink from the brainwell – we’re still waiting for an significant offer from a label who has the balls to step up to the plate and sign an artist that crosses the boundaries that we cross.

5) How does Progressive Darkwave Recordings manage the distribution of Redemption?

Currently, we distribute all three braindance albums exclusively through the website at

6) What do you feel when your work is vastly eulogized by the underground press? Do you receive many congratulations from the fans via e-mail?

I think we’ve been extremely fortunate to receive an overwhelmingly positive response from the underground press, fans, and radio community. It’s a feeling that I try not to take for granted, but one that brings significant frustration, since aside from the aforementioned underground accolades, we’ve been ignored by the industry at large for ten years.

7) You are one of the first dark Gothic bands that dares to include humour in their music. Are you into comics? What do you say about other bands that only speak of depressive and painful topics?

We only speak of depressive and painful comics.

8) I really like the songs 'Resurrection', 'Resurgence' and the great 'Redemption’, but I want to know the songs that have more meaning for you and your favourite songs.

Thanks. I’d going to say that all of the songs that are on redemption have significant meaning for us, however, my favourite songs lie solely within the Barry Manilow catalog...

9) What is your opinion on MAN, MACHINE and GOD? Do you believe that these three elements are destroyed mutually or do some self-destroy?

When Terminator 3 comes out we will surely find out whether they are all one and the same.

10) And what can you tell us about the human existence? Do you have some philosophical point of view about life? Do you believe in the reincarnation, parallel worlds and similar matters?

I can reveal very little of the human existence other than the limited existence that I have had the sincere displeasure of experiencing. Even if I had deep philosophical viewpoints, I think it would be highly presumptuous of me to assume that your readers could benefit by my babbling. I’m no Schopenhauer – I can only preach the merits of a cheeseburger deluxe...

11) Describe to us your and Vora’s personality and hobbies.

We’re just fun-loving kids looking for adventure and creamy, creamy, chocolate stout...

12) The technological advance brought many positive aspects as the internet, synthesizers, discoveries in medicine and many others. According to you, what would be the negative points of this technology?

The internet, synthesizers, and discoveries in medicine.

13) Did you include several film and TV dialogue fragments because you believe that somehow they represent part of reality and existence?


14) If you already have plans for a new album, will you continue to experiment with diverse musical styles? I think that the new work will be a masterpiece, since 'Redemption" is a great release.

We’ll most definitely continue to experiment with dangerous chemicals and laboratory animals.

15) Tell us about the live show.

Braindance is once again a five piece. Beka, a graduate from the prestigious Julliard School is our new keyboardist and backing vocalist, Jonah David, a jazz/funk/hip-hop/r&b/breakbeat/gospel/reggae/African/Afro-Cuban/Brazilian percussionist is our new drummer, and David Z, from the Joan Jett band and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra is our new bassist. We’re currently performing in and around the New York City area, waiting for wealthy promoters to fly us to Peru.

16) Before finishing the interview, describe us musically and lyrically in your own words the 'Redemption' album for all those that don't know BRAINDANCE.

Tasty, tasty stuff...

17) Last words for the Latin fans!