FALL, 2002

1) Braindance conveys an image of absolutely stunning modernity and class. Is this the result of years of hard work or was it an inescapable product of the meeting of two absolutely exceptional beings?

Lots of elbow grease, peroxide, and relish. However, while Sebastian and I have directed the band, Braindance has always been a band of 5 people. Most (not all) of those, alas, made it their primary business to extort Sebastian and I out of our vision and work ethic in order to endorse the philosophical base of their own lack thereof.

2) How can one reach such a perfect result concerning the sound itself ? What kind of means did you use?

Redemption was recorded with a very vintage signal path to digital tape. Digital tape was then transferred to 2" analog, then transferred to hard disk for mixdown. I would never do that again though. Part of the reason we transferred twice was that a certain studio offered a generous mix deal and required a 2" format, but then subsequent to the transfer (done at their studio) "renegotiated" the deal. The details are discusting but typical of our great economic system.

After that, I pursued a barter arrangement with a great studio, Audiology. This arrangement made releasing Redemption possible. There are still honest people out there, believe it or not, who are involved in the grassroots of the industry working ceaselessly to pull the industry down around its own ears.

3) Is this really all self-produced? How do you manage your business in general?

Sebastian is a gifted communicator and also handles the band’s visual aspects, photos, image, graphic design, promotion. I am the engineer and producer of the audio aspects. I was a professional engineer and producer for 5 miserable years: the worst line of work I have ever pulled myself out of bed (more often a rotting moldy sofa) to engage in. I have found that the most abuse that humans will inflict upon one another occurs in and around the most pure and creative activities that they may engage in. Abuse and creativity go hand in hand.

4) Have you ever considered working with a major label? I think it shouldn’t be a problem with the quality you deliver...

Have them contact me...We’ll do lunch.

5) Vora Vor...I hadn’t been listening to such a great female guitarist since...I don’t even remember...Hey, this is crazy, how did you learn to play and compose with that killer feeling?

There are lots of accomplished girl instrumentalists out there, but music criticism tends not to advance the careers of female instrumentalists who are not also vocal pyrotechnicists or dancers or models or who do not perform oral sex on wrinkly festering maggot-munching legal professionals. Instrumental soloists speak from beyond the body, beyond sexuality and babies, and hygiene products and social attitude, from a place not quite of the flesh. Successful women performers are rarely encouraged if they are not also primarily purveying their flesh as part of the product.

Having said that, I’m still greatly interested in my flesh as an essential element of our product.

6) What about Sebastian Elliott? What is his background?

All sequins and velvet.

7) From what I gather, Sebastian is also into with graphic arts...Tell us more...

Sebastian is, as I mentioned, quite an accomplished Art Director, which means he gets to ceaselessly torment the actual graphics people who must obey his every whim. I’m glad he’s my partner.

8) Do people often compare him with Peter Steele? Do you think there are similarities?

Sebastian has bigger muscles and flosses more often.

9) What about that lyrical concept with all those titles with an R? What kind of message did you want to pass on?

Actually, it’s "RE", really.

10) I think Braindance represents one of the best Gothic Metal bands one can come across these days; to me it’s even some kind of avant-garde thing...According to most of your press results too...Did you expect that success?

Yes, and my bank statement really reflects that, month in, month out. I am enjoying such materialistic glory that I have pangs of guilt when the checks keep rolling in.

11) Please forgive my ignorance, but is Braindance a studio project exclusively?

Not at all...I forgive you.

12) What is going to happen next?

I am going to say this.

13) What about the recent bombing of NY, is everything alright with you?

If you don’t live in NY or Palestine, it must seem like good family viewing on the GE channel. People don’t realize the weight of their particle board apartment units let alone 100 floors of steel and concrete and paperwork. It doesn’t really translate on high-definition satellite TV’s. Sure, maybe with the newer digitally enhanced widescreen models with 5.1 surround, 100 disc changer and manufacturer’s rebate. My hearts and prayers and wallets go out to the decent multinational conglomerates whose oil and poppy reserves were enhanced by the liberation of Afganistan. I am ecstatic for all those who worked in the towers who were forewarned to telecommute on the 11th, and especially for those who were told to divest their airline stocks accordingly prior to the attacks. Good American foresight.